Mag locks

The office location that needed access control is frequented by homeless and addicts.  They needed a solution to keep casual passerby’s from entering the front door.  Night time security is provided by a nationwide alarm company so this a daytime access control solution.

Although my final implementation had very little to do with IT I reviewed a number of access control mechanisms including Bluetooth-, Mechanical Keyless- and traditional Access Controller based locks.

While the keyless and bluetooth were a little more elegant the hardware available wouldn’t fit the narrow style of the door or the strike and latch had to be completely refashioned with a new strike and latch .  This added cost to our project and we opted for a much simpler solution.

We instead decided to install an on-door controller and mag lock, simple door bell and exit button from LockChoice

This package includes:
1 EL-600 Maglock / 600 LBS Holding force
1 NU-06 DC12V adapter with 0-15 seconds relay
1 NF-62S Exit Button
1 Buzzer

EL-600 Maglock Brief Description:
Lock Size: 250Lx42Wx25H(mm)
Armature plate: 180Lx38Wx11H(mm)
Holding Force: 280kg (600Lbs)
Voltage:DC12V or DC24V (adjustable)
Current Draw: 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
Operating Temp: -30~+55℃
One-year warranty

The MagLock when supplied with power will engage a magnet, attached to the frame and rail of the door.  Power outage to the building automatically dis-engages the magnet.  A simple 10-key programmable keypad is used to set entrance codes- we opted for 1 code office wide (remember, this isn’t for primary security, that is provided by an alarm company when the office is closed)

It required about 2 hours to install, drill the necessary mount points in the door frame, run schematic wiring so everything works in the frame of the door, provide AC power to the supplied 12vdc power supply, quickly program access codes.

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