Blockchain- the thing behind this BitCoin craze

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buy nolvadex malaysia canadian generic cytotec no prescription Bitcoin is highly popular, the price has fluctuated greatly from $2000 in May 2017 to nearly $20000 in December that same year.  Its since dropped to a little over $8000.

BitCoin Price Chart

You can buy everything from Tesla electric vehicles, goods and services from online vendors, flights and hotels, games in app stores, music, and furniture.  There are even charities accepting BitCoin such as BitHope and BitGive.

If you wish, you can even mine for BitCoin by investing in hardware called miners that use specialized software to solve mathematical problems BitCoin mining, lots of electricity Electric Costs rise, some time and patience.

But the interesting thing to me is the technology of BlockChain behind the process.  By encrypting and distributing the bits and parts of a transaction to secure approved nodes and importantly away from one central authority, participants share in the validation of updates.  A great example of this is written by IBM

I’m not sure of the future price of BitCoin and whether challengers like LightCoin and Etherium will someday overcome the current king of Crypto Currency but I’m confident decentralized and immutable transactions are here to stay.  Financial transactions from accounting ledgers, property sales, stock trading, and simple money exchange are all candidates.